IWD Machinima Stream

IWD Machinima Stream

Join us today, International Women’s Day 2019, as we screen new machinima by women creators. Click the link below or visit our Twitch Channel to watch a 35 minute program of short machinima works. These works are diverse but they all explore or utilize the visual landscapes of simulated spaces.



Yael Gilks aka Fau Ferdinand (UK) is a veteran of online 3D environments and is based between   London and Australia. Her artistic practice encompasses digital painting, makeup art, interventions, animation, and performance art.. She is an Art Director and Designer for large-scale machinima projects such as “Vola-Vola” with the Italian film director, Berardo Carboni and “the machine” by Liz Solo,. She joined the online performance art collective Second Front in 2007 and founded Rose Warrior Fluxus in 2018. Yael creates performances steeped in visual layers of personal history.

Rose Warrior Fluxus artists Yael Gilks, Rob Gilks, Sara May de Sarmiento and Liz Solo use technologies and resources at hand to create artworks to heal themselves and the world. The Rose Warriors challenge stigma around mental health histories.  Yael (aka Fau Ferdinand) and Rose Warrior Fluxus premiere two machinimas today – The Dream Room and The Woman in the High Tower

Isabelle Arvers Isabelle Arvers in an accomplished author, art curator and a game artist. Her field of investigation is the immaterial, through the relationship between Art, Video Games, Internet and new forms of networked images and digital imaging. We are proud to show pieces from Isabelle’s new series la mer – a mesmerizing and evocative journey through the textures and landscapes of simulated spaces. isabellearvers.com

Two machinima videos in the program feature documentation of performances from our International Women’s Day 2018 event  – The Asteroid by Liz Solo and Wet Snow by Yael Gilks, with Bibbe Hansen and Liz Solo.

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