Women From The Future

Roles 4 Women proudly presents
Women From the Future
timely new performance by
Catherine Falkner, Tina Pearson, Wendi Smallwood, Liz Solo

June 21 – 24, 2018
Factory Theatre, The Studio Stage
8:00 P.M. $15/$25/PWYC Preview;
Artist Talk Back: Saturday June 23
Tickets: Factory Theatre |125 Bathurst Street, Toronto | (416) 504-9971 | www.factorytheatre.ca

Women From The Future – bold, contemporary theatre from four Canadian female innovators. This show takes audiences on a cross-country, inter-galactic journey of identity questing, experimentation and sexual exploration.  Featuring Catherine Falkner, Tina Pearson, Wendi Smallwood and Liz Solo, Women From The Future is a new, four-part performance work that merges stand-up comedy with storytelling, ancestral investigation, soundscape, projected visuals, and space! It’s experimental. It’s funny. It’s contemporary theatre that takes risks – an experience for the stage that you don’t want to miss!  The show runs from June 21 to 24 at the Factory Theatre Studio, 125 Bathurst Street, Toronto.

Roles 4 Women commissioned Canadian creatrixes Catherine Falkner (Vancouver), Tina Pearson (Victoria), Wendi Smallwood (St. John’s) and Liz Solo (Toronto) to make brand new theatre. The result is an edgy 4-part multi-media stage-work featuring daring, women-made performance:

  • In The Crack of Space – by Catherine Falkner – a cross-country adventure of identity questing and sexual exploration…
  • Blood in My Wires, Dust in my Breath – by Tina Pearson – an investigation into communication with the biosphere…
  • Resurrecting Mary – by Wendi Smallwood –  a retrospective on the life and times of a stand up comedienne …
  • She, Robot – by Liz Solo – a hybrid-reality robot space adventure.

The artists of Women From The Future come from diverse backgrounds and presentation styles: Tina Pearson works in sonic phenomenon, composition and networked performance. Catherine Falkner merges physical comedy, story-telling and lo-fi tech. Liz Solo creates theatre/digital media sci-fi mash-ups.  Wendi Smallwood builds character driven, no holds barred, powerhouse stage performances. Roles 4 Women brings 4 unique artists together from across the country to Toronto – a city where they all have history.

R4W is a Canadian theatre and production company based in Newfoundland and Labrador. Now in their thirteenth year R4W continues to bring exciting new theatre experiences by initiating bold, experimental scripts, exploring emerging technologies and by working across multiple disciplines.

Women From the Future has been made possible thanks to generous support from the Canada Council for the Arts|Conseil des Arts du Canada and the Black Bag Media Collective.

Purchase tickets here: www.factorytheatre.ca/what-s-on/wftf

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Women From the Future has been made possible thanks to generous support from the Canada Council for the Arts|Conseil des Arts du Canada

Catherine Falkner (Vancouver) is a comedienne, actress and writer who draws upon her collaborative work in comedy to create mash-up performances that juxtapose the comedic against the serious. Known for her physical comedy and manipulation of pop culture imagery, she combines multiple elements – multi-media visuals, live and recorded sound to create unique, hilarious and very poignant performance art works.  www.catherinefalkner.com

Tina Pearson (Victoria) is a composer, performer and facilitator whose interests in sonic phenomena, perception and modes of human interaction have led to roles in art, education and community development. Many of her projects engage the boundaries between languages, disciplines, genres and cultures, and between creators, performers and audiences. Pearson’s work often includes eco-mimicry, micro intonation and spectral elements; and usually incorporates a focus on breath, and/or stretched modes of performance attention and practice. https://tina-pearson.com/

Wendi Smallwood (St. John’s) is a prolific actor, writer, director and producer known for her breadth as an actress and for her powerful stage portrayals of complex characters. She creates and participates in artistic projects that are evocative and have strong female presence. Wendi has played everything from a pill-popping trapeze artist to the Donne loving professor dying of ovarian cancer. Her theatre company, St. John’s Women’s Festival of Theatre (SW|FT), presented W;t by Margaret Edson at the LSPU Hall. The production and her performance in the lead role were met with great critical acclaim. Wendi is Associate Director at V-Day St. John’s – an organized response against violence toward women. She performs regularly at the Women’s Work Festival.

Liz Solo, photo by Jared Reid

Liz Solo (Toronto) is an inter-disciplinary performance artist, writer, activist and musician. Liz works independently and as part of collectives and partnerships to produce works that merge the live performance stage with virtual (online, game) environments. Her performances often span multiple venues and online platforms. Her latest performance work examines themes and ideas around the relationship between technology, isolation and desire. She recently won an East Coast Music Award for her years working on the East Coast scene as an independent musician, producer and community activist. www.lizsolo.com

Roles 4 Women is an independent, Canadian theatre and production company, founded in Newfoundland and Labrador in 2005 by theatre artists Liz Solo and Jenny Naish. R4W produces timely, challenging and experimental theatre, media and performance work featuring strong women’s voices. R4W is committed to developing new and innovative scripts and creating unique programming that incorporates multiple formats and disciplines. Roles 4 Women is a feminist company, inclusive of all women, with events and programming open to all people. Roles 4 Women is the home of the performance art punk rock band TrixXxie and the semi-annual pop-up festival – TrixXxieFest. Photo credit: Liz Solo, “The Burning”, by Eugene Leger; Wendi Smallwood by Jill Willicott