TrixXxieFest is a semi-annual pop-up Festival highlighting women in media and performance. Founded in 2014 by the punk rock band TrixXxie, TrixXxieFest is a weekend-long celebration of women kicking ass in the arts.  Our last festival took place June 24 – 25, 2016 at The Cox and Palmer Space at the LSPU Hall in downtown St. John’s, Newfoundland.

Featuring an International program of film and video shorts, staged monologues, and networked performances, TrixXxieFest highlights alternative voices, experimental work, New Media and the live performer. The festival concluded with a late-night punk rock show.

TrixXxiefest 2018 is coming up in the fall and we will be looking for short performances, bands and short films and videos (30 minutes and under). Experimental pieces that incorporate virtual worlds, machinima or new technologies are encouraged as are political works, punk rock videos and films/videos featuring alternative voices and viewpoints. Stay tuned for announcements.

TrixXxieFest 2018 will be accepting entries shortly via TrixXxiefest is co-produced by Roles 4 Women and The Black Bag Media Collective.