About R4W

Roles 4 Women is an independent Newfoundland based production company, now in their eleventh year. R4W produce timely, challenging and experimental theatre, media and performance work featuring strong women’s voices. Annual programming includes creative workshops, multi-media and online performances and experiments, improvisation sessions, public readings and live theatre performances. R4W are committed to developing new and innovative scripts and creating unique theatrical events such as the multi-media series “Experiments in Performance” and the pop-up Festival “TrixXxiefest”.

Roles 4 Women was founded in 2005 by multi-media artists Liz Solo and Jenny Naish. The duo have been producing theatre and related performance events, workshops and media experiments ever since. They now share office and studio space with the very generous Black Bag Media Collective in downtown St. John’s. In 2015 R4W have been focusing their energy on creating  inventive and exciting live performance events that incorporate multiple formats and engage the community at large.

Stay tuned for video and audio releases from R4W’s TrixXxie and the launch of our new web based comedy series.



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