TrixXxieFest Schedule Announced!!

TrixXxieFest Schedule Announced!!

schedulegraphicFor Tickets – Call The Hall – 754-4531

Friday June 24th • 7:00 PM • Cox & Palmer Second Space, LSPU Hall • $10

World Premiere • the machine • Liz Solo • Newfoundland and Labrador • 30:00
In a ruined city where art has been outlawed, a lone hacker (Liz Solo) attempts to preserve what remains. When another survivor (Melanie Caines), breaches her security perimeter, she is forced to reassess her priorities. A cyberpunk fairy tale incorporating HD video and the technique of machinima (screen captured animation).

The screening will be followed by a brief reception.

Friday June 24th • 8 PM • Cox & Palmer Second Space, LSPU Hall • $15

Short Monologues
Wendi Smallwood • Well known and beloved actress, director and writer Wendi Smallwood performs fresh, new material • 10:00

Monica Walsh • “Misogyny Murder Immunity” • a young woman is happy she doesn’t fit the description of the typical horror movie murder victim. Written and performed by Kanutu Theatre’s Monica Walsh • 5:00

Jenny Naish • Prepared to be charmed by this new material written and performed by Roles 4 Women’s Jenny Naish • 15:00

Short Films Screening
Awash • Lisa MacLean • British Columbia • 7:29
Utilizing photography, video and a unique editing style the film’s unnatural coloration and technological processes (such as infrared photography) suggest our mutating relationship with nature and its consequences.

The Passenger • Jacqueline Hynes • St. John’s, NL • 10:00
A troubled woman arrives in the city to start her life anew. When she comes face to face with a younger woman threatening down a familiar dark path, she must navigate the complex landscape of her past. The Filmmaker will be in attendance.

Ingenuity • by Sepideh Atashin • Iran • 6:45
Ingenuity is a poetic film about the psychological effect the war between Iraq and Iran had on the children.

ID • Guadalupe Yepes • Argentina • 8:51
A Man and a Woman sit in a waiting room. As they wait a painful past unravels against the imminence of an uncertain future.

The First Smile After • Zahra Jafari • Iran • 1:40
By their innocence children save us from sadness. This film is a quick glimpse of a small gesture of love.

Tyger Tyger • Jasia Kaulbach • England • 10:40
A teenage girl growing up in Brighton has an unusual, fiery form of angst.

Palatably Queer • Taylor Stocks • St. John’s, Newfoundland • 3:18
This film is an investigation into the physical and emotional impacts of trying to tow the line between being true to a queer/trans identity and being an effective political mover within the mainstream. The filmmaker will be in attendance.

In The Station • Lida Sadeghi • Iran • 9:20
Fariba escorts her mother to the train station and listens distractedly as her mother tries to tell her about the past.

Rock School for Girls • Liz Solo, Cherie Pyne, Rhiannon Thomas • St. John’s, NL • 7:00
From the BBMC Archives – In 2003 Liz Solo (Pickguard,) Cherie Pyne and Rhiannon Thomas started Rock School for Girls – a skills-sharing series for women and girl rock musicians. This film documents the very first RSFG – so many familiar faces, a trip down memory lane.

Online • Arijana Lekić-Fridrih • Croatia • 29:16
Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) is a neologism for a perceptual phenomenon characterized as a distinct, pleasurable tingling sensation in the head, scalp, back, or peripheral regions of the body in response to visual, auditory, tactile, olfactory, or cognitive stimuli. “Online” follows “ASMRtists” who share their personal stories and the experiences that led them to ASMR. “Online” is made entirely out of found footage material from the Youtube ASMR community.

The Friday Night Show will be followed by cocktails in the Cox & Palmer Second Space.

Saturday June 25 • 4 PM • Cox & Palmer Second Space, LSPU Hall • $10

Afternoon Screening followed by Coffee and Discussion
Civil War • Marina Bruno • USA • 8:58
A man is living alone in a cabin in the woods. After deciding to blow a little blue bird to pieces he is suddenly fired on by an unknown enemy.

No Melody • Yukiko Nishino • Japan • 14:48
This video work is a narrative story using experimental videos to tell the story of Kanon and her mother, and how the silence of the Japanese countryside forces Kanon to confront a past trauma.

Where is my mother’s house • Selma Nayebi • Iran • 15:00
Fereshte is blind. Every day her friend Madam Keshvar escorts her to the looms where she and other seniors roll and reroll skeins of yarn. A very beautiful and moving short documentary about elderly people living in nursing homes in Iran.

Perhaps time is like an axolotl (Vielleicht ist die Zeit ein Axolotl) • Maria Manasterny • Germany • 7:15
By use of her powerful imagination a girl finds a way out of a nightmarish reality.

One Triple Coffee • Zahra Jafari • Iran • 18:12
A woman is trying to choose between two suitors – one full of contradictions and madness, but deeply in love with her, one who offers peace and calmness.

Saturday June 25 • 8 PM • Cox & Palmer Second Space, LSPU Hall • $15

Short Monologues
Ruth Lawrence • In a year marked so far by iconic losses and political protest, local hero Ruth Lawrence makes her first appearance at TrixXxieFest, using her multidisciplinary talents to serve up laughs, songs, and stories • 15:00

Liz Solo • “Virtually Yours” • Liz Solo spins a quick tale from her upcoming dystopian novel, other life. Directed by Bibbe Hansen • 15:00

Short Films and Videos
Hunting • Zahra Jafari • Iran • 1:40
Hunting for a subject or a moment… moment hunting… the moment that time stands still…the moment of surprise.

Faded Finery • Sonia Gerbeaud and Mathias Panafieu • France • 10:00
In a remote village, a little girl befriends a pack of coyotes. The villagers put an end to this relationship, unaware of the revolution that awaits.

katatjanik utippalianinga (The Return of Throat Singing) • Caroline Nochasak, Heather Angnatok, Jason Dicker, Jennifer Semigak, Joshua Jararuse, Matmatil Angnatok, Maxwell Saksagiak, Nancy Nochasak, Sarah Semigak Lidd, Troy Maher, Jenn Brown • Newfoundland and Labrador • 7:00
This film explores throat singing ­ a special talent and traditional game for both fun and public entertainment – a practice which was nearly destroyed but has since been revived. Producer Jenn Brown will be in attendance.

Sopro (Blow) • Ana Santos • Portugal • 5:45
In this short video still life becomes moving image – escape from dark rooms to the wide outside.

Texting: A Love Story • Jeanette Buck • USA • 8:00
A short, awkward romantic comedy about love, intimacy and connection in the digital age.

Growing Pains Abbie Birtles Scotland 8:17
Set in a time lapsed dystopia of endless towerblocks, we find our protagonist living an Orwellian nightmare. Her bizarre, prompted existence has her forced into the role of motherhood, imprisoned and unable to escape.

Trip In The Desert • Cara Lee Coleman and Corrine Coleman • Newfoundland and Labrador • 3:17
Cara Lee Coleman presents her second music video – a claymation – for the song Dream My Life in Bed from the album Give Up and Die. Directed by Cara Lee Coleman and Corrine Coleman.

Who You Are • Sahra Hassan • Ireland • 6:00
Who You Are is the tale of Jasmine, a new student in a school full of bullies. This film was made with an all student cast and crew.

Space Cocks • Janina Putzker • Germany • 1:11
Prepare to be dazzled by crazy cocks racing on a rainbow roller-coaster in space…

Artemis • Heather Freeman • USA • 3:40
An (unfortunate) driver witnesses what happens to a stag’s spirit and body after it is struck by a car.

LE PORT DU MASQUE EST DE RIGUEUR • Larissa Corriveau • Montreal • 4:54
An hypnotic run through the wild side of the night in search of a lost love.

Doris • Francesca Silveri • England • 12:17
Once a famous drag queen, Doris is now old and ailing. At the eve of an important event, she reminisces about her life and career in the presence of a mysterious man who seems to know more about her than he lets on.

TrixXxie Webisode • Liz Solo, Jenny Naish, Charlotte Reid • Newfoundland and Labrador • 15:00
Tallulah, Marilyn and Scarlet have been busy this year – a fast-paced comedy video featuring a few highlights from recent TrixXxie adventures.

Closing Night Party with a Set by TrixXxie and Friends • 10 PM

Installed During TrixXxieFest

Occupy Freedom • SaveMe Oh • The Netherlands • 4:29
Restricted space turned into public space, trespass on what is ours, occupy our freedom. All the world’s a stage!

Hardboiled Egg • Shira Moolten • USA • 2:18
A mingling of genres, this short film features both live-action video and spoken word by a young prize winning poet. Hardboiled Egg touches on themes of human frailty, conscience, and wonder.

Lullaby • Sarah OUAZZANI • France • 7:12
Water. Sea. Matrix. Amniotic fluid. Marseille, at the end of the day, looking at the glowing red sea… reflections bloom, the camera moves across the surface of the water and Impressionistic paintings appear.

Fair Play • Snejana Herbst • Ireland • 3:30
Melanie just wants to play basketball, but the coach doesn’t allow girls!

It’s a journey not a destination • Jelena Zlatkovic Velickovic • Serbia • 10:00
An intimate look into the life and work of Serbian artist and designer Jelena Zlatkovic Velickovic.

The Human Fear • Cara Lee Coleman • Newfoundland and Labrador • 3:18
A music video for “The Human Fear” from Cara’s “Give Up and Die” release.

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