IWD 2019

IWD 2019

Roles 4 Women are preparing for our annual International Women’s Day event – a full day of online screenings by an International program of women artists.

Last year’s event featured the premiere of Nebulosus Severine’s online installation “Metaphysical Reviscerizations” AND the premiere of Yael Gilks’ Live Action Painting/Performance “Wet Snow”; Liz Solo’s presented her one woman avatar performance “The Asteroid”; Other performances included “My Wired Breath by Tina Pearson/Humming Pera and a tribute to the artist Allison Knowles by Bibbe Hansen.

This year’s IWD Online Screenings will take place on the Odyssey Simulators and via our Twitch Stream. This year we hoping to add more platforms. More news to come!

from “Metaphysical Reviscerizations” by Nebulosus Severine


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