Wet Snow by Yael Gilks

Wet Snow by Yael Gilks

Fau Ferdinand/Yael Gilks is a visual artist, designer and performance artist who creates artworks and performances based in Virtual Worlds. She is a member of the pioneering performance art collective The Second Front

This machinima and photo documentation are from the inaugural presentation of Fau Ferdinand’s “Wet Snow” with collaborators Liz Solo, Bibbe Hansen and Phreek Fargis. Fau describes the piece as a “collaborative action painting”. For background on this performance, you could look here: #AxeTamponTax.

“Wet Snow” was presented on the Odyssey Simulator and via the R4W Twitch Channel on International Women’s Day 2018 by Roles 4 Women and Odyssey Contemporary Art and Performance.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e5nca0mvJeI]


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