Metaphysical Revisceralization by Nebulosus Severine

Metaphysical Revisceralization by Nebulosus Severine

Nebulosus Severine is an American media artist and student whose work integrates virtual reality, 3D design, Internet art, acrylic & oil painting, illustration, digital composition, cellphone photography, and printmaking.

On International Women’s Day, R4W had the pleasure of co-presenting Nebulosus’s installation “Metaphysical Revisceralization” in collaboration with the Odyssey Simulators. In this interactive presentation avatars become the Bunnyken and are brought through surreal landscapes of powerful imagery that invoke themes of birth, death and transformation.

The event was documented on R4W’s Twitch stream and the stream video has been edited down and posted here.

“My work attempts to challenge the dominant culture, centering on themes of trauma, violence, power, social issues, and identity. I find inspiration in nature, pop culture, films, current events, and literature. Using appropriated materials which are borrowed from both my own artwork and found images/materials on the Internet, I employ various strategies to re-examine and remix elements and themes. I juxtapose motifs of distortion, decay, death with satire, kitsch, pop culture, and Internet memes. By combining analog and digital art, I create with the intention of assembling a world that is ominous, surreal, disorienting, disturbing, and/or comically bizarre.” Nebulosus Severine


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