TrixXxieFrontCoverRoles 4 Women are celebrating new releases today with the launch of our R4W YouTube Channel and the release of TrixXxie’s first recording – a five song EP available now for download here: TrixXxie EP on Bandcamp. The EP was recorded and mixed by Colleen Power, mastered by Jason Whelan, produced by TrixXxie with Roles 4 Women and the Black Bag Media Collective.

You can purchase hard copies of the recording at all of TrixXxie’s live shows and at Fred’s Records in St. John’s. Mail order is also available through Fred’s.

TrixXxie rocked out at a special event at The Levee in St. John’s with super awesome guests Lavaweed.

Our first video has been posted to YouTube – a performance from July 2015 featuring TrixXxie at Neighbourhood Dance Works‘ “First Look”.

Stay tuned for our next release – a series of comedy videos starring local comediennes with music by TrixXxie. Coming in January, 2016

TrixXxie on the way to the Eastern Edge Art Marathon; photo Eugene Leger



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