12113390_698323463603082_8889284737215725059_oTrixXxie closed out this year’s Festival of New Dance at The Space on Harbour Drive, capping off a busy and exciting week for R4W. 2015 marks the 25th year for the Festival of New Dance and this year’s event was an inspiring week of intensive workshops, incredible performances and open discussions about dance, performance and process. Roles 4 Women’s Liz Solo and Jenny Naish participated in kickass workshops  – Butoh Voice Intensive by Denise Fujiwara and Gerry Trentham and Balancing Objects with Tedd Robinson. The after-show talks facilitated by Lois Brown were informative and fun – a great experience to be able to talk to local and visiting artists about their work and process.

Jenny on stage at 25/25/25

Jenny on stage at 25/25/25

Liz and Jenny were invited to perform in the improvisational piece 25/25/25, created and facilitated by Anne Troake to acknowledge the festival’s 25 year history. The performance was presented as the Friday Night main stage event at the LSPU Hall. Performers were given 25 minutes to choose from a pile of props and come up with a 25 second choreography and then perform it. Many of our favorite artists were there  – Tammy MacLeod, Andy Jones, Mary-lynn Bernard, Sarah Joy Stoker, Debtress Janewoman, Lori Clarke, Neil Butler, Robyn Breen, Louise Moyse, Kate Story, Lois Brown, Andrea Tucker, Tina Fushell, Candice Pike, Alison Carter, Glenn Nuotio, Corie Harnett, Laurabeth Power as well as some new faces (for us) including Tedd Robinson, Riley Sims and Charles Quevillon of 10 Gates Dancing Inc. 10 Gates Dancing presented a spectacular and unforgettable work on Thursday night – a facet (of FACETS). Awesome to be on stage with all of these (and other) performers – a fun, spontaneous night of creativity and laughs, reminiscent of the “good old days” at the Hall. Here’s an article by Joan Sullivan in the Telegram – Artists Improvise Choreography.

Amazing TrixXxie Dancers Mitch and Jason

Amazing TrixXxie Dancers Mitch and Jason

On Saturday Night TrixXxie got all dolled up and rocked the heck out of Wonderbolt’s The Space for the FND Closing Night party. Thanks to Wallace Hammond for the great sound (as always) and Vic Tilley for overseeing the tech. Special thanks to the performers and guests who danced all night long – especially our amazing TrixXxie dancers Mitch McGee Herritt and Jason Ross Sellars.

Congrats to Calla Lachance and Neighbourhood Dance Works – you did it again – once again presenting a top notch, accessible and exciting festival. Festival of New Dance is a highlight of Roles 4 Women’s year, every year.

Marilyn, Tallulah and Newf live on stage at the FND

Marilyn, Tallulah and Newf live on stage at the FND

Here are a few images of people having fun at the event, taken by an NDW photographer.


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