Download TrixXxie’s 1st Single

Tallulah and Scarlet – photo by Eugene Leger

Congratulations to TrixXxie on the completion of their first recording. The five song hard copy EP will be released later this year in tandem with Roles 4 Women’s upcoming Web Comedy Series. In the meantime TrixXxie singles will be coming out via the Interweb.

The first release is a song called Double Murder Suicide and it is available for download now. DMS was recorded by Colleen Power at Baygirl Music Studio, Produced by TrixXxie with Roles 4 Women and the Black Bag Media Collective

To access lyrics and download the song visit TrixXxie on Bandcamp – pay what you choose or get the song for free by entering 0 in the dollar amount.

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photo by Eugene Leger
photo by Eugene Leger

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