InWorld Images

InWorld Images

InWorld Рby Liz Solo, Directed by Charles Tomlinson Рwas produced last Fall by Roles 4 Women Theatre Company at the LSPU Hall Second Space. InWorld is the story of a gamer searching for her virtual lover, lost in a real life war zone.

Here are a few images from the closing night performance.

Lucy enters the Vortex Pinnacle:

Lucy attains Level 85!


Lucy watches Hal outside via security surveillance monitor. (Hal is played by Charles Tomlinson)

Lucy searches the web for Marwa.
Lucy enters her virtual garden.
After the closing performance Liz Solo gave an artist’s talk demonstrating the technologies she worked with during the creation of InWorld as well as the inspiration behind the work. Avatars joined the conversation from the Internet both via a live stream and from the virtual world of Second Life.
InWorld was made possible thanks to support from the Newfoundland and Labrador Arts Council, The Canada Council for the Arts, Media Arts Section and the Black Bag Media Collective.
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