A Reading of “Melody Neglected”

Amy House (RCA Artistic Animateur), Megan Coles, Emily Bridger, Colin Furlong, Geraldine Hollett, Liz Solo, Nicole Rousseau, Neil Butler, Didi Gillard-Rowlings. photo by Peter Rompkey.

¬†This month Resource Center for the Arts hosted a live reading of Liz Solo’s Melody Neglected in the newly opened LSPU Hall Second Space. Melody Neglected is a full length script that has been developed both through Roles 4 Women Theatre Company and Resource Center for the Arts Theatre Company. This reading was the final part of a workshop process with writer Edward Riche.

Roles 4 Women love the new Hall! It is, as always, an excellent space for making theatre and it was very exciting to present new work there. Pictured above: Amy House – RCA Artistic Animateur – welcoming audience, with actors getting ready to rock.


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