After a fabulous whirlwind year in 2009 Roles 4 Women have a busy 2010 planned, from a full production of Jenny’s Naish’s Ersa, (in collaboration with the Open Actor’s Studio), to the development of three new performance art projects to a new Open House for Women Playwrights coming up in the Summer of 2010. We are stoked. R4W will be making an appearance at the upcoming Chromatose Anymation Festival – April 30th to May 2nd in St John’s.
Thanks to all of those who participated in our programs over the last year – Shout Out to our super talented Script Development Program participants – Megan Coles, Bryan Hennessey, Melanie Caines, Luke Major, Anne Troake, Bridget Wareham, Marthe Bernard, Phil Churchill, Jody Richardson and Roger Maunder.
Pictured above – Curtain Call, (left to right) Melanie Caines, Bridget Wareham, Jenny Naish, Luke Major, Liz Solo, Bryan Hennessey at Scenes From..The Ship
photo by Jai Me.
Roles 4 Women Theatre Company gratefully acknowledges the support of the:

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