Miss You

Miss You

These screen grabs are of Liz and Jen on the set of Liz’s upcoming virtual theatre performance Live Home Alien Birth, taking place at the Alternator Gallery in Kelowna, BC on Saturday April 11th at 8 PM. Special appearances by Second Front and Avatar Orchestra Metaverse.

The large blue sphere is from a virtual installation from Liz Solo’s project – Methods For Contacting the Dead. Images appeared in a group show at Lucky’s Gallery, Vancouver, curated by Jo Cook. To see more about this work please visit Liz Solo’s Machine I Am Blog

The blue sphere is actually a little shrine to the two Grand Dames of the Newfoundland Theatre – Janis Spence and Mercedes Barry – ever loved and never forgotten. Individually, Janis and Mercedes were each pioneers of live original theatre and of feminist theatre in Newfoundland, inspiring thousand with their powerful voices as actors, playwrights, mentors, directors and writers. When they worked together they were an awesome force to be reckoned with, as anyone who saw their productions of Dario Fo and Franco Rama’s Female Parts or any of their original work with Resource Center for the Arts and Sheila’s Brush Theatre Companys can attest. Roles 4 Women draw inspiration and strength from the memory of their work and example.

In the virtual world of Second Life our avatars visit the memory sphere, called “Miss You”, and sit inside the shrine to reflect. “Miss You” is installed on Odyssey Island in Second Life

Photo of Janis Spence and Mercedes Barry by Kent Barrett.
Build in Second Life by Liz Solo.


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