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Support Material for the Roles 4 Women Commissioning Project

C.V. and Biographies

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About Roles 4 Women – About Roles 4 Women

Wendi Smallwood – Wendi Smallwood’s C.V – Producer/Director and Wendi Smallwood’s C.V. – Actor

Catherine Falkner – Catherine Falkner’s C.V.

Liz Solo – Liz Solo’s C.V.

Tina Pearson – Tina Pearson C.V.

Letters of Intent: Letters of Intent

Support Item #1Photo Documentation/Liz Solo – A series of photographs from recent live stage performances by Liz Solo – “other life” at Artscape, Toronto, produced by Roles 4 Women; and “Submerged” co produced by Roles 4 Women and The Black Bag Media Collective, presented by Festival of New Dance. Photos by Mike Kean and Jared Reid. Music “nature” composed by Liz Solo, performed by Lizband.

Support Item #2 – Images of Wendi Smallwood’s performance at TrixXxieFest (R4W production)/Catherine Falkner’s performance of “Space, Baby” and Liz Solo and Tina Pearson performing “In This Far Now” at the 2014 Sound Symposium

Support Item # 3 – Publicity Samples

Support Item #4 – R4W Website – Please cruise around the Roles 4 Women website for documentation of our activities: