TrixXxie – Webisode One

Roles 4 Women are please to announce the online release of TrixXxie’s first Webisode! The short comedy video is made of video pieces and live stand-up performances created through 2015-2016. The Webisode features the artists of the band TrixXxie with special guest appearance. The video premiered at the 2016 incarnation of TrixXxieFest in St. John’s and was released today to the Internet.

TrixXxie – Webisode One
It’s the morning after the night before and Tallulah wakes up in a mood.
Starring Tallulah Fucque, Marilyn Monroe Take-Out and Scarlet O’Whora with special guest appearances!
Produced by Roles 4 Women in collaboration with the Black Bag Media Collective.

TrixXxie image below – Tallulah and Scarlet – by Eugene Leger



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